Sacred geometry is considered an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things. It reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself. Every natural pattern of growth or movement comes back to one or more geometric shapes. Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us, creating fundamental structure and templates of life throughout the universe. 

Think about it like this — sacred geometry is the place where mind and matter, or the spiritual and physical, meet collectively. The molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snowflakes, flower petals, a sea shell, the stars, religious buildings, the galaxy we spiral within, the air we breathe, and all life forms are created out of geometric patterns.

Let’s take a closer look at our 3 that are integral to sacred geometry:


In Sacred Geometry, the cube (or hexahedron) represents earth since it has a solid foundation and exceptional stability. Accessory designs based on rectangular shapes represent stability and create a sense of equality.


Besides showing your discerning eye and edgy style, both our Earth Cube Necklace and Earth Key Ring send the subconscious message to others that you know what you're doing, can be trusted, have expertise and great attention to detail. Check out the rest of our Earth Capsule Collection here.


In sacred geometry, the circle is the basic shape from which all other figures derive, thereby representing wholeness, harmony, and the unity of life. 


When you wear our Unity Consciousness Mala, the Sterling silver and enamel battery spacer is a reminder that we are energetic beings and to be aware of our thoughts, which will help to increase our vibration and help bring more abundance into our lives. Mala bracelets are traditionally used for keeping count while reciting mantras or performing meditative practices.

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The combination of the square and the circle represents the fusion of heaven and earth, and ‘squaring the circle’ is regarded as the pinnacle of Sacred Geometry. 


Our Fusion accessories are a reminder that we are “fused” with divine energy, and can do the impossible. It is a true testament to fuse multiple shapes into one unified piece — representing both the physical earth and spiritual consciousness so that they are in-tune with one another. Explore the Fusion Capsule accessories here.

How Does Sacred Geometry Impact Our Lives?

Now that you know the true meaning behind sacred geometry, you can reflect on these realizations to open up to life and the creation of the universe. Through your own unique healing and empowerment journey, you can feed your soul with symbolism, higher consciousness, and self-awareness. Most importantly, you can create harmony within and connect with your spiritual side to unify your physical, mental, and emotional being. Even if you do not understand it entirely, you can use its power to enhance your life.


If you have never meditated before, you are truly missing out on countless health benefits. Meditative practices can boost your overall wellness, improve your mood, reduce stress, and control anxiety. Meditation is the act of training your mind to focus, while redirecting your thoughts to achieve contentment. Your mind and body become in-tune with one another, ultimately increasing your awareness both internally and externally. Some of the most successful people around the world are avid meditators, such as Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Russel Simmons, and more. For those who are just beginning, finding a rhythm for this habitual process can be quite the challenge.

Continue reading for tips on how to conquer your first meditation:

Create a Calming Environment

The most important part of meditating is that you are comfortable and focused. It’s really hard to conquer meditation if you are distracted by commotion. Make sure that you find a quiet, calming place where you can embrace your solitude. Whether you want to perform your meditation in a dark room, or outdoor space, you can help train the body and mind to feel at ease in the same destination each time. This will help you transition into meditation effortlessly. Similar to when you reach an office desk, you know it’s time to get to work. It’s imperative that your space is clutter-free, clean, and refreshing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to create a space that nourishes a more relaxed state of mind. Consider adding plants, or finding a cool spot by a window.

Focus on Your Breathing

When you take a few deep breaths and truly concentrate on each one, it can trigger a relaxation response that is essentially the opposite of our fight-or-flight response. It naturally lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, and better regulates your body’s reaction to stress and fatigue. Controlled breathing has been shown to increase alertness, and even boost your immune system. Different breathing patterns also activates our brain to realize that we are in the present moment. Make sure to incorporate slow, deep breaths to improve your meditation experience. 

Turn to Guided Practices

If you have tried to do your own meditative practices and have not found success, there’s nothing wrong with turning to a guided practice by a professional. If you want to wipe away the day’s stress and find inner peace, there are thousands of resources to turn to for help. There are many types of meditation techniques, so find one that suits your needs. Meditation guides create audio and video for your use to achieve relaxation. A narrator explains the dynamics of the mind, and paints a surreal visual image for your mind to interpret however it wants. Sometimes it’s just music, other times it’s a specific story. The point is to utilize another’s person’s voice to conquer your introspection. Remember that you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

Stick to a Consistent Routine

If you have tried to meditate once or twice, you may notice that you haven’t truly reaped the benefits of this special practice. You may feel discouraged or defeated that you didn’t get what you wanted out of your first few tries, but it’s crucial that you stick to a consistent routine to see results. The power of meditation comes from a consistent, daily routine. Studies suggest that daily meditation has a similar effect on the body as taking a vacation. Make a set schedule and stick to it in order to develop a clear and peaceful mind throughout your week. Some days it will flow better than others. Like any skill, the best way to master something is with consistent practice. You are more likely to reap the benefits, understand how it varies, and experience less resistance if you are practicing on a regular basis.

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